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11/20/2008, 12:38 PM
First off I live in an apartment and the outlet behind my aquarium isn't GFCI. I can't really put one in as its an apartment.

I went looking for a decent surge protector and the best thing I found was a belkin contruction quality power strip. It wasn't a surge protector, but had built in GFCI, Rubber covers for every outlet and metal housing. Would this be the best option for me? It had me worried though, as it said clearly on the back not for use with aquariums or wet conditions. Is there something better I could use?

What is the best location for it? Mounted vertically behind the tank? Also the extra outlet on the wall outlet that won't be used, is there something I can get to cover it?

I hear all these stories about people's power strips catching fire and want to make sure my apartment and family are safe.

11/20/2008, 03:48 PM
It should be fine, just be sure all your cords have drip loops so water cannot follow the cord down from the tank and go right to the plug area. Be sure you mount it in a place that normally does not see any water or salt creep.