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fish stalker
11/25/2008, 05:33 PM
Its fish moving weekend!!!!!! Moving tanks around but first i'm moving the 3 fish from my 75 to the 125 this weekend ..... at last : Its been a regular fish circus with all sorts of fish waiting in quarantine so this is the time to look at a marine betta i've been keeping in mind from the local lfs because i'll finaly have a quarantine tank open and a possible budget after the 125. The betta will be for the 75 if i do get it along with a maroon pair ( i already have) plus a dwarf lion (also already have). I was curious to see what everyone thinks and/or can add about marine bettas. Either way going to be a salt water filled couple of days.

11/25/2008, 06:02 PM
I cannot speak to the propriety of having one in a 75g as mine is in a 220. However, do not expect to see much of him when the lights are on. Generally they are reclusive until the light goes down. On occasion, mine does come out, usually at feeding time. Most of the time, he stays in one of 3 main main perches in my tank where he is basically hidden, except for the face.

Mine is a slow moving fish who meanders around after the lights go off. They are a beautiful specimen, particularly with the tail fully extended.

11/26/2008, 03:12 AM
they are generally pretty hardy and a marine betta will do fine in a 75 for quite some time. However, I would strongly recommend keeping it in a tank by itself for a few weeks until it begins to eat comfortably. Fast moving and fast eating fish will keep them from coming out and eating. I had to take mine out of my DT and into a QT so it could finally eat in peace.

11/26/2008, 04:39 AM
Will be fine , but don't expect to see it often... if tank have some LR , fish will find it's own food ... will eat frozen and fresh foods... but your maroons will eat it all first...

fish stalker
11/26/2008, 10:30 AM
thanks for the replies, all helps.:) Still in the thinking phase re betta. Its a marine fish i have always wanted to keep so have read quite a bit but nothing like first hand accounts. All my fish always go into quarantine for a couple of weeks so that part should be ok.(13 tanks so time to consolidate some) I have started to train my dwarf lion to take prepared foods but from what i've seen so far the betta already does at the lfs which is a plus. My concern is clean up crew, whats possible and if aggression from the maroons would become an issue. They aren't huge right now but grow fast and with the eventual size i'm not sure if there would be a problem. What do you keep with your Betta?

11/26/2008, 12:38 PM
A friend keep one with a maroon couple ... no problems.. but feeding time is hard , feeding in 2 spots... 1 for maroon and 1 for marine betta

I have one with flame angel , splendid pseudocromis , small asfur angel... marine betta only grab some pellets daily , and every 3 days , hand feed one raw piece marine shrimp (pea size) ...

Only one time have see problems with tankmates (which marine betta usually ignores) ... when I try to add a second one... it almost killed it ... so don't try to put 2 unless sure couple...

11/26/2008, 12:43 PM
There's actually not too many fish that you can't keep with the marine betta. I have mine with a pair of crosshatch triggers, gold rim tang, maroon clown, and even inverts. They usually don't like confrontations and always find a way to stay out of trouble with other fish. I also give mine ghost shrimp every now and then to watch its' bizarre capturing methods. They are beautiful fish and if you can find one that is healthy and eating, I'd def. jump on it. That takes out having to keep it in another tank by itself for a while.

11/30/2008, 08:35 AM
they are a beautiful fish that will come out more the longer you have them. I have had mine for over 8 years with tangs, clowns wrasses.

fish stalker
11/30/2008, 10:05 AM
Whew big fish moves over for now, moved 125, 75, 30 and 12 cube. Still got to do the 58 and assorted 20 to 12's...... then water change in 72 reef will be needed errggggg!!!! This should be the last big shift i hope. The good news is that the 75 is ready for the betta and its other inhabitants. The tank has been running over a year but i'll wait till the weekend for sand to settle etc. I kept extra cannisters going on the populated tanks which i'll move over so bioload won't be an issue I checked on the betta its very active and out in the open which is odd because i know they are usually more secretive. Its also eating mysis like crazy a very big plus so i have it on hold till the weekend. Does order of introduction matter other than maroons last?

fish stalker
11/30/2008, 10:08 AM
forgot to add.........betta is being kept apart while on hold for me and will be in holding tank when i get it for a few weeks before going into the 75 so that should help in case of nasties like ich tagging along.