View Full Version : December meeting at Aquarium Gallery

12/03/2008, 04:59 PM
Date : Sunday December 7th
Time : 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Place : Aquarium Gallery - Hudson NH

Marc at Aquarium Gallery in Hudson NH has volunteered to host our meeting at his store.

Topic : Food Web - Live Foods
The featured theme will be a Food Web presentation centered around live and semi-live foods that can be cultured or purchased.
From phytoplankton, rotifers, pods, on up to various feeders. We'll try to cover the whole food chain and how we can try to provide for a wider range of diversity in our captive systems.

Raffle : We will be drawing the Raffle Prize(s) and ending the promotion for the membership drive.

Special : At this point still to be determined
I'm am talking with AG about some other promotion that might be of more interest.
Probably along the lines of some Live Foods specials and/or CleanUp Crew special packages.

But if you have ideas you'd like to see from a LFS meeting, let us know.

Here's a link (http://nhreefclub.org/index.php?topic=441.0) to the NHRC discussion