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12/04/2008, 09:29 AM
I am looking for a sump that someone has sitting around or even a tank around 55 gal. I have a 55 gal tank that I thought about using but it won't fit under my stand very well. Anyways also anyone out there have any zoo's like pink, anything but dull green or orange I have enough of that. If you want to do a coral swap I have some some coral that I can trim. I run a 150 gal SPS dominated tank. I am looking to go a different path with my tank. I need a new sump so I set up the equipment I am planning to get. I am thinking about going all zeovit since I run alot of their non zeo products. I have had nothing but good things come since using their products. Anyways if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Also If you want to do a coral swap and don't know what my tank looks like just look for a 150 gal post on here and you will see what my tank looks like. The only corals that lost their color is the pink stylophora and my yellow millepora, due to the imbalance of potassium and lack of care when I was back in the states. Other than that everything is still real bright. My bali tricolor got its color back since the photos in my tank, wish it was bigger but it is a slow grower.

12/05/2008, 06:03 PM
I can usually find a lot of pink zoo's snorkling and diving. I will pick you up next time I go out.

12/06/2008, 02:24 AM
thanks also if you get a chance any other color besides orange or the green/orange ones. Also if you any bright deep water color, how is your tank doing? Let me know if you need anything, I just got a pretty maxima clam today white/green/gold.

12/06/2008, 10:39 PM
Taira at ACO has some beautiful pinks....and a few other colors as well.

12/08/2008, 10:16 PM
does anyone have any pieces of acrylic and weld on? I just need to build a bubble trap for my sump. I am just going to make shift the one I got. If anyone needs a uv sterilizer or a denitrator let me know. I just ordered a zeovit reactor. Will let go when reactor gets here. Also the denitrator is made for a smaller tank but it has worked wonders on my 190 gal system total.

12/08/2008, 11:17 PM
I have both, the sump*30 gal* and 55 gal tank...let me know if your interested.

12/08/2008, 11:18 PM
I also have some acrylic (cheap kind ~ but good enough for a baffle) and the Japanese version of Weld-On 4...really quick. Glass syringe and #10 stainless steel needle if you still want to fix up your own.

12/09/2008, 07:12 AM
weld on 4 is real liquidy, had alot but alex and linda used most of mine to build his refuge. what are the dimensions of the 30 and 55 gal? Are they glass or acrylic? What are you asking for each and also the weldon and acrylic?

12/09/2008, 06:05 PM
both glass, the 30 gal is 19x12.5x30 inches ~ narrow. The 55 gal is the Okinawa 90 cm; short and wide. pm me with an offer. I can let you use the weldon and use the syringe, but I'd like the syringe back once you're done if you decide to go that route. Pics of the sump were posted on tylersdad thread about upgrading from 55-90 gal tank...ytou can see the sump there.

12/15/2008, 06:13 AM
Sango-chu do you still have the acrylic and the weld on? I think I might try to rig the sump I have. Do you know anywhere I can get some epoxy? The pic on tylersdad page is that of the 30 gal. If so could you post pics of 55 gal. If I can't get my sump to work, what do you want for your 55 gal sump, I have no idea what you are lookin for, I am not looking at spending too much.

12/15/2008, 10:03 AM
I'm not looking for too much either; I just need to start getting rid of this stuff that right now is in the way...espcially if a fellow Okinawa Reefer can use it. I'll let both go for 50 bucks. I have not cleaned out the 55 gal but it is *sea-worty.*

I have school Tuesday night and might be available Wednesday late int eh evening. We can make plans to meet...if you're like me, you really like to start on the project right away...

12/16/2008, 01:44 AM
you said both are you talking 50 each, I need just the 55 gal. Right now the one I have holds about 30+ gal of water with room to spare. since one of my places where I epoxyed the durso pipe split a little my overflow doesn't hold water when I turn off the return pump. how many chambers are their in the sump? What are the dimensions? This is important since I need room to hang my protein skimmer and have a vertex reactor in that area. My current sump is 48x13x14. The only problem is how cpr made it. It is set up for a wet dry sump, well i need just a little more room to maneuver that reactor. By the way what kind of tank are you running for that 275 gal tank? i am interested in seeing some pics of your tank! I am waiting on my orders to get in, some of my corals are looking gloomy since I am running low on supplements. Well get me the dimensions I would appreciate it! I am like you just right now I found out today that I have another kid on the way!!!!!! Ahhhhh! So I have to start figuring out how to make this tank work and still save for the next singer baby!

12/16/2008, 01:59 AM
if you could post pics of the 55 gal and the dimensions so i can see if my equipment can fit. Also give me the dimensions to the breaks man, but my wife gave the ok on getting the 55 gal.

12/16/2008, 08:16 AM
hey here are my numbers so we can talk, my home phone is 637-2796, cell is 08037186137.