View Full Version : Hitchhiker in new tank

12/10/2008, 06:18 AM
I just got my tank running 2 days ago and put in rocks collected on the beach. I thought that would be safe, but I already see a brown hairy thing hiding in a hole that ate a shrimp piece. Guess its a gorilla crab. Also, there is this white mucous-stuff growing on one of the fresher rocks. I tried to take some photos. Should I get these rocks out?http://reefcentral.com/gallery/data/500/207276Crab_Photo.JPG


12/10/2008, 07:39 AM
did you actually collect them on the beach? If you didn't thoroughly clean them, get them out. If I were you I would go out further and collect rock. Then I would take them home and clean them by scrubbing them and then bake them for a while. Baking it will get aiptasia's which can spread throughout your tank quick and if you have color they can sting them.