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12/26/2008, 09:29 AM
Hi all - sorry for all the posts here lately. But I am lucky enough to be having lots of fun geeking out on a new Reef tank!

I am going to be ordering a custom built acrylic tank. It's size is going to be

59W x 29D x 36H

I may bump this up to
60W x 30D x 36H

some questions that I was hoping people could help me with:

1) How thick should the walls be?
2) I am thinking 2 sumps. One in each corner.
3) 36" high - should I go 30" instead? or 24"? Who has a tank that's 36" high? Do you like it?
4) What kind of GPH do I want? 3000 GPH?
5) Should I use 1 return pump, or two smaller return pumps. One for each side?

Finally- who do people on the forum recommend for a custom tank build? I am in phoenix AZ.

Thanks all!

12/26/2008, 10:02 AM
The dimensions you posted seem to be a 250-275 gal tank, I am no expert on this, but I believe the belief is you want 20-30 times the turn over rate, so in your case is would be 250- 275 X 20-30 to see how much flow you want. As far as the return pumps, it depends on if the return pumps are going to be your only source of flow, if yes then for a tank that size (and probably someone with a larger tank than I can speak for me) then your going to want to large pumps, if not, you fan use power heads for flow, its up to you. I personally like the look of a poportionate thank as far as height to lenght ratio, but the standard belief is a slightly shollower tank is easier to light properly all the way to the bottom & add the difference in the depth since you are having it customized anyway. Deeper tank gove a more natural look if you place your LR appropiately. My tank is 24" in height & Im happy w it, but again, I personally like the proportionate look of height to lenght ratio. Hope I could help alil!! GL & Keep us posted.

12/26/2008, 10:20 AM
You will need 3/4 to 1" acrylic , the average arm can only reach 24" and there will be times when you will want to reach the bottom of the tank quickly . 36" is a real pain in the Patooty!!!It is not a good idea to try and use your return pump for flow in your tank ,however two return pumps is a very good idea . I try to have redundancy on all systems . As for flow , what do you want to keep as far as corals go?

12/26/2008, 10:20 AM
sounds nice! there are a bunch of companies that do it. hopfully u can find one local but most likly its gonna be ordered and shipped. i know cali has a bunch of companies that do custom acrylic tanks never apologize for catching the reef bug! lol. post as much as you want. lol!!!! thats what this site is for. again Best of luck

12/26/2008, 10:53 AM
personally, I would do the inside dimensions as 60 by 36 by 24. I hate having to plunge my arm into my 20" tank, cant imagine haveing to do it in a 36" tank. JMO though.