View Full Version : Kalkwasser Drip vs. Calcium Reactor

12/27/2008, 01:02 AM
As far as simplicity, ease of use, and efficiency go, what's better?

12/27/2008, 01:23 AM
never had a kalk reactor so will let others reply. I can say I was worried and nervous about going to a calcium reactor. But after owning one, setting it up and figuring it all out, I cannot imagine going back to two part or the way I was doing things. It was like putting the tank on cruise control *LOL* They are so rediculously simple it is baffeling. Just seems to be this aura of WOW factor related to them which keeps the prices up I guess as they are soooo not complicated. I just check and add mag manually now but will correct that soon according to some recent reading about what I can add into the reactor to take care of mag.

Best of luck in your future reefing.

12/27/2008, 01:37 AM
I say go kalk drip.
On 2 diffrent occasions ive had my tank crash due to a huge drop in PH.
recently i came home to a tank at 6.7,YIKES.
I had a good recovery on my fish but all my acros are now a beautiful BROWN color.Maybe its just me and my luck with 2 diffrent reactor set ups.
Now i drip kalk and am doing fine.

12/27/2008, 08:09 AM
Any system has the potential for failing. Using a pH controller and a Co2 solenoid that closes by default will minimize the potential for the pH drop. I have not had to add 2 part to my system since I added the Calcium Reactor and got it dialed in. Definitely much easier than having to mix and refill on a regular basis IMO. Been a time and money saver for me.