View Full Version : Help me setup my new 210g!

12/28/2008, 10:18 PM
I finally got the upgrade I've been waiting for! Its a 84x24x24 210g tank! Its pretty old but seems solid, hopefully it holds water! It's made out of 1/2" glass on the sides and euro braced, and 3/4" glass on the bottom! I've got some questions on it though. It has several small holes drilled into the bottom. Some are covered with glass sheets siliconed to the bottom, others are still open but too small for me to use. I was considering siliconing the others shut but I'd like to go BB on this tank since it will be a FO tank. I don't want ugly glass corners to show and stick up, possibly injuring my fish or eel. I was considering drilling the holes out to be bigger. I could run 2 for drains, 2 for returns and the rest for a CL or two. I'm assuming the bottom isn't tempered, since there are a lot of holes already drilled into the tank. Would it be ok to drill overtop of a smaller hole, to make a bigger hole for a bulk head? Also, what CL pump should I run? I think I am going to run 2, one on either side, what does everyone suggest?Looking to save on the electric bill and quiet. I'm really excited about this tank! I am going to take my time and set it up right, although it's going to be hard not to get my fish outta the cramped 90g! Heres a pic, you can see the ugly glass squares.


12/28/2008, 11:23 PM
Ok here is a very quick sketch on the layout of the tank, any ideas are greatly appreciated! I have a plan I think for the tank and will post it up later once I figure out the details, but want to hear opinions first! Especially on CL pumps! Thanks!


Since the corner holes are 1.5" they'd make it easy for a 3/4" bulkhead. If I have two 3/4" bulkhead drains, what flow rate could they handle? I tried figuring it out with the flowrate calculator but the whole height issue got me confused. I hope that is big enough, so I don't have to mess with those holes. Thanks.