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12/31/2008, 04:09 PM
Is anyone trying to get rid of a pump or some kind of ? I'm trying to get more water circulation in my aquarium, thought I would check with the bro network before buying something new today.


01/02/2009, 07:10 AM
how much flow are you looking for? Well what are you using for flow? what kind of return pump do you have?

01/02/2009, 08:21 AM
whatever you do - dont buy it local.. you're throwing away money :D

if you're looking for a good deal.. get the maxi jet mods.. 1600 or 2100 gph depending on which impeller you use.

01/02/2009, 03:12 PM

I think you have good advice, I didn't realize how bad it was until I went to the store at American Vill.


Confirm that the Maxi Jet mods are what you have in your tank? I liked what you had going in yours. Do you have a website that you have had good luck with?

Thanks to both of you,


01/02/2009, 06:44 PM
yes, that's what i'm using in my tank, the maxi jet mods. I like them, but I will probably upgrade sometime this year to some form of controllable pumps, for some wave type action.

www.premiumaquatics.com ships pretty fast..

01/02/2009, 11:43 PM
i wouldn't say premium aquatics ships fast. I have had nothing but head aches with them. I finally got my order of supplements just before x-mas which I ordered in the beginning of Oct!!!! If you just want them I would say go with marine depot. They have been the fastest shippers here normally. Also before you go with the maxi jet/ with the mods make sure you don't have anything that requires slow movement. Only reason I say this is b/c Lionel has sand everywhere with the maxijets. I also have them with the smaller props in. Also I run the koralia 4's, and I have the 2 mp40w vortex. Lil to say I have just under 12000 gph in a 150 48x30x24 tank. I also had sand every where with the mod with the big props in. If you go barebottoom like Magrath then I would say no worries up the flow as much as possible, just be selective of what you choose to put in your tank. Some fish and coral don't like a whole bunch of movement like I have in my tank. I learned that the hard way, try putting them in. Either the fish or coral dies or thrives!!!!!

01/03/2009, 12:10 AM
I have not had a problem with premium aquatics. bethnjeremy is right that Marine depot is faster at shipping, usually about 2 days faster. It's kind of like Walmart of marine aquariums, we have to support the smaller businesses or the large ones take over. The company I would NOT recommend would be aquacave, they have caused me a bit of head ache. The first time I dealt with them I though maybe it was just a bad experience that wouldn't happen again, but I tried them again to experience the same thing.

As far as your flow goes, If you want to use a wave maker you should either go maxijets with sureflow mods, or an mp40 will surely make you happy if you have that kind of spare change.

If you are not setting them up on a wave maker (which I am strongly opposed to, I truly believe chaotic flow is the key to success.) I would recommend koralia 3 or koralia 4's depending on how much flow you are wanting.

01/03/2009, 12:31 AM
The Maxi Jet mods are good.. if you're on a limited budget. I definitely want to replace mine with Tunze 2's or Vortec's.. eventually. I just spent a crapload on zeovit and some other stuff...

I try not to purchase from Marine Depot. I've had some issues with their customer service and policies in the past. Premium Aquatics hasnt been completely smooth sailing either, but when something does come up, i've had no problems with them doing what needs to be done to fix an error.

The order I just put in with them, two items are out of stock right now.. so they sent me an email asking if i wanted to either cancel the order, hold it till everything was in stock, or ship what they had then ship the remainder when it comes in. Luckily, the items out of stock were the zeo AA and the Pohl's extra.. which I wont start dosing untill the basic 4 get established and my tank is adjusted.

01/03/2009, 01:51 AM
hey lionel did you get a new skimmer as well? Also did you get a timer for your reactor? That is the last thing I am waiting on. Are you planning on running the RBC salt? I would recommend it. Anyways has any of your sps grown? Do they still have their color? Let me know if you want to swap some frags when ready. Alot of my coral isn't doing too shabby right now. I am looking at getting a little bit more of a variety.

01/03/2009, 03:30 AM
i lost five large frags / small colonies because of that damned anemone. As soon as i find a home for it, it's getting removed from my tank. it decided to roam around for about a day, and completely ransacked the entire left side of my tank. some of my stuff is looking good, but it's been a fight this last month or two.