View Full Version : Replacement period for Typhoon 5 stage

01/01/2009, 11:47 AM
I know when to replace DI, and RO membrane but how bout the rest?

According to instructions pre filter is replaced when it slows down, carbon yearly, and DI when color changes or difference is seen in RO/DI.

Ide like to preserve the ro membrane to the 3-5 yrs mentioned.

I make aprrox 100 gals per month, the unit is 6 months old.

01/03/2009, 04:46 PM
It really depends. The particular pre-filter and carbons I use have a rating of 20k gallons. I *think* the same applies. I haven't read that much on them other than that they are coconut acid washed gems.

I personally change mine the pressure drops about 10psi from the input pressure. I make 120 gallons a week. It equals to just about once every 6 months for the filters.

Hope this helps you out. You need to read how much they can handle before they start to clog and become useless.