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01/16/2009, 09:07 PM
When I first ordered these nuclear greens they came in on a rock that is growing some algae. It isn't the common hair algae, but similar. It grows in thicker and longer strands much like seagrass.

I didn't mind the algae at first because it looks nice, but as it has grown out a little I decided that I wanted to prune it and possibly remove it all.

I noticed that some of the nuclear greens are actually attached to it however; and that, by removing the algae, I could potentially remove some of the polyps.

My first question is regarding this situation:

1) Is it better to remove the polyps and attach them to a plug with super glue gel, or leave them be, with algae and all?

Moving on... I've noticed that, by leaving the nuclear greens in a lower light section of my aquarium, they stayed opened more and colored up much more. This can be seen in the picture below.

However, I have noticed NO growth/reproduction at all since I've purchased them... about a month and a half ago; whereas, my other zoas and palys have grown a lot.

2) Should I be concerned?

3) For those of you with nuclear green experience, how fast do yours grow?

4) Could the algae be causing them to grow more slowly?

5) Anyone else notice that theirs prefer less light than other zoas and palys?

Any info or advice is greatly appreciated!


01/16/2009, 09:58 PM
Looks like CYANO

01/16/2009, 10:17 PM
No, I did have a small cyano breakout due to a nutrient buildup (carelessness on my part). I know it's visible in the picture, but that is under control now...

01/16/2009, 11:17 PM
I don't see any algae but in answer to your Q, remove the plug if necessary, take off the algae & glue back. You don't want the algae to choke out your polyps.