View Full Version : yellow at store, green at home - what could I change?

01/23/2009, 09:42 PM
I bought a nice looking frag with yellow skirts. Once I got them home, I found out they look green under my lights. I have a 2 bulb T5HO current fixture on my 10g, one actinic and one 10k (I think). The store used T5s too, but had much larger tanks with a much different fixture (and probably bulb colors too).

What combination of bulbs (assuming I had a large range of choices - which I don't think I do since it's such a small fixture) would bring out the yellow again?

01/24/2009, 01:59 AM
I have seen greens appear yellow under very strong actinic light, so he prob had alot of bulb t5 bulbs on there. Nothing wrong that you did.

01/24/2009, 10:36 AM
Yes, agree with LPNP.

If the person uses a lot of ATTINICS. some of your green will actually look like yellow. I had some mean greens and green halos that under mostly attinics.... pretty much looked like new yellow zoos.

01/24/2009, 10:58 AM
I'm trying to get the yellow polyps on a toadstool that was sold to me as a yellow-polyped toadstool & looked very bright yellow under my T5s to look yellow again under my MH w/2 bright blue actinics...