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02/01/2009, 12:02 PM
After much consideration, I have decided to sell my aquarium. Everything goes...nothing will be sold separately. If you are interested, please call me at 931-551-8219 or on my cell at 931-561-0330. Make me an offer...no reasonable offer will be refused.

Oceanic 175 Saltwater Aquarium
Bow Front
All Fish and Corals Included

Excellently maintained. Established tank for 8 years. Included is: Tank - Top- Lights (175 Watt Metal Halide Light with 20K bulbs) - and 2 98 Watt VHO Lights - Cap (hides the lighting on the top of the tank) - Stand is Black Lacquer with 2 glass doors.

Inside the tank: 200 LBS live rock - 20 assorted types of live corals (retail value of $1500.00) this is based on size and maturity - 1 (one) Purple Tang - 1 (one) Yellow Tang - 2 (two) Clarkie Clowns - 1 (one) Mandarin Golby - 9 (nine) Cromis

Filtration: Oceanic sump with automatic top off system - four stage RODI in there which makes 200 gallons per day - Remora protein skimmer.

RODI with 2 (two) 60 gallon barrels.

Quarantine tank (20 high) will also be included with 20+ pounds of rock also included.

Any equipment, salt, food, etc. will be included with the purchase.

The retail cost to replicate this complete system would run you well over $6,000.00.

FYI...This tank was originally owned by Kenny Chesney. WOW!


02/17/2009, 04:07 PM
can we see some pics?

04/23/2009, 04:54 AM
Can we see some pics with Kenny Chesney standing next to it? :)

P.S. This is mostly a dead forum, so if you didn't get any hits, try the MTRC (Nashville) or ETRC (Knoxville) forums.