View Full Version : Winter Malady Returns

02/06/2009, 04:24 AM
My fish are gone!!! After having an ocean surgeon in quarantine for two weeks, it was introduced to my 30g. All was fine, but tragedy struck quickly!!! The fold began to dwindle further in a week as this scaley disease returned again. So, the tank will remain uninhabited and hands=of for the next six weeks. All spores must die without a host to perpetuate the disease. Patience, patience....I shall be even more careful once I load up with fishies again. Happy Reefing, tide pool specimen seeking or browsing in the Fish stores.

02/07/2009, 01:11 PM
Warning! Do not be tempted to re-insert a fish within your set time for natural malady eradication. I didn't realize how quickly and how exponentially these critters and can regenerate themselves with just one host available. No host, no perpetuation. I can't raise the heat much to speed up the cycle as the reef inverts may get stressed too much.

Two schools of thought here for reef tanks re: marine velvet:
One: Heat the water a bit more. Do water changes up to 40% every two or three days for a month. Clean out all filtration, pumps and skimmer thoroughly.
Two - Do not heat water. Do not perform any water changes. Let the tank sit for 4 to 6 weeks without "care." Minimize daily photo period. Perform a 50% water change, cleaning all filtration, pumps and skimmer thoroughly.
What say ye?