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02/09/2009, 11:55 AM
I have flatworms. It's true. I have the red kind, and possibly the brown kind, if there is any real difference. They don't bother my corals at this point, but they are a bit of a mystery. For I have been told that they are photosynthetic and tend to multiply terribly under bright lighting. I have nearly 300w in MH + T5 actinics over my display. On a rare occasion, I will see one or two flatworms in my sandbed. Meanwhile, I have a single 9w white PC over my slow-fuge. True, my fuge is mirrored, but it is fair to say the lighting is fairly dim. None-the-less, the flatworms in my fuge are many and their population continues to grow. This seems backwards, and thus the mystery.

Awhile back I posted a "who done it" thread and listed my display tank inhabitants in a bid to discover the culprit I assumed must be eating the flatworms in the display. Predictably, none of my inhabitants were picked from the line-up, and I've been left wondering if it isn't my Court-Jester Goby. Then the thought occurred to me...

What if the flatworms are dividing like mad in my display, but my considerable turbulence, flow, and turn-over, is ultimately depositing them into the slow-flow fuge? Is it possible they are being swept up and then settling out? Could my fuge be acting as collection facility? Is this possible?

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02/09/2009, 03:10 PM
Ok, I have flatworms. I have had more flatworms then any other pics or descriptions I have seen here. From what I have experienced they are definitely partial to slower moving water. They multiply terribly under not so intense light as well because my setup is only (4) 3' VHO lights. And probably not applied to you, but I have a feeling they benefit from a nutrient rich environment too.

I think whats happening to you is initially your DT seeded the fuge with flatworms. Since the fuge is optimum conditions for them (imo they like lower light and low flow) they are flourishing there. But meanwhile your DT isnt as hospitable, so there arent as many up there.

Just a thought.