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02/10/2009, 10:10 AM
I am looking to set up a tank a bit down the road (I have to tile the downstairs first) and figure I can look at making some rock to save a bit of money and I had a few questions:

1) Will the water I use for the Kure be ok to use on my lawn/trees, (I know if I use salt it wont really be a good idea), or will the water jack up my lawn/trees?

2) If the water I change out is ok for plants I wont be using salt. Anyone have some other ideas what I can add that will disolve out ok to add some surface area and wont be harmfull to plants? I guess I could just dump the first water change and hope the salt is gone and use the rest to water.

3) After I get the MMLR ready to go in a tank I am thinking I'll still have some time before I actually get a setup in the house going but dont want to just let it sit so I am thinking I'll get it going in bin with some sand to get stuff growing. What kind of light and filtration will just the rock and sand need? I dont expect it would need much but would rather double check.

I posted this in the DIY secton as well, but though I'd check here as well.

Thank You

02/10/2009, 10:54 AM
When curing, I would just use RO/DI to start. The salt won't help it cure faster or better. You don't want anything from standard tap water to leach into the rock and come out later.

I would guess that this cure water would be okay to use, but you may want to throw out the first and maybe the second changes just to be sure.

Once you've got it all made and cured, mix up some salt with RO/DI and add a few pieces of good, cured, live rock from the fish store. A standard fluorescent shop light should provide some light. I would just throw in a pinch or two of flake food every few days so the rock has some bacteria on it so it's all ready to use when you are ready for it.

I've never made rock, this is just what I've read, and my experiences with "regular" rock.