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02/15/2009, 08:04 PM

I am one of the people who is very dissatisfied with Air, Water & Ice's customer service. I thought their product was great, and an excellent value, but I'm about to throw it in the trash!

I purchased the Typhoon Extreme III about a year ago, and was initially very impressed with the unit, and the value. However, I always had my doubts that the built in TDS meters were registering proper readings. I decided to test this with the portable TDS meter they supplied with the unit. I was getting readings in the mid 100's. I purchased all new filters and a new membrane, from Air, Water, & Ice that were the same ones the unit came with originally. My current readings are the same going in as coming out: 145 TDS! The water is also being produced at a super-fast rate, not the drip I was used to. I checked the meter on a friend's RO/DI unit and got a zero reading. So, it's not the meter.

I have attempted to figure out the plumbing, and it all looks okay too me. Obviously something's wrong! I can't afford to keep dumping this water into my reef tank! Could someone please let me know how to get in touch with this company to get help?

My emails don't seem to get answered, and I have no luck getting an answer on the phone. It was easy enough for them to process my payment...

02/16/2009, 02:18 PM
A couple of posts down, it seems that a few of their units slipped out not plumbed correctly.

I would take all the lines off and replumb the lines in the proper order.

02/16/2009, 04:41 PM
Thanks for the advice. It looks like it's plumbed correctly, but I might do that just to be sure. By the way, they got in touch with me since I posted on this forum.