View Full Version : cable length - lunar sim?

02/16/2009, 07:01 PM

I'm planning to add the lunar sim sometime in the future. My DT is going to be built into some cabinets, with a basement sump. While I am keeping some access panels for future additions etc, I'd like to pre-run as much as I can up front. Also I'd like to plan my lighting rack too.

Can somebody tell me what the cable lengths are between the led units (on a 4 or 5 led unit), and what is the length of the cable from the last led to the end of the cable where it plugs into lunar sim unit?


02/16/2009, 09:21 PM
I just installed one in a Spectra hood. I didn't mesaure but if I remember correctly it's like 12 to 15" between leds and around 72" from plug to 1st led.

It's easy to change though. I used 22g stranded to extend the plug side and ditched the led covers so I could mount the bulbs individually in the hood. Ended up modding some of those lengths also.