View Full Version : first 10 gallon tank pics

02/19/2009, 07:39 PM
Hey well this is my first tank ever and its 10 gallons. Right now, I have only had this for about a month and have maybe 30 pounds of argonite substrate and 10 lbs of live rock. I bought a polyp recently but im not sure what it is called if someone could please help me out!? I have a yellow tail damsel and a turbo snail too but he doesn't clean very much. Sorry if the aquascaping isn't really that good but i am slowly purchasing more rock and am thinking about taking that weird whitish rock out of the tank. But how do i keep the polyp on the rock it keeps falling off? Also can anyone tell me about possibly fragging the polyp and how to do so? Umm, just really any info about anything would help me out right now! So I hope you enjoy my pics and any feedback is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

02/19/2009, 10:48 PM
uh no pic no comment :p

30lbs of sand seems like an awful lot for a 10g.