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03/03/2009, 01:32 PM
I just received my order yesterday (N10104775), some PC light bulbs along with a Coralife digital thermometer. First thank you for the delivery on time.

All the bulbs work great. The thermometer though seems to have its reading off quite a bit. I know it is a small thing, still I would like to ask about it, see if that is even normal or I happen to have a defective unit.

Last night I placed the thermometer's sensor in the fuge, several inches under water surface. This morning, the sensor is where it is, but the reading is only 75.5 F. That is surprisingly low compare to readings from my other thermometers. I have the heater itself set at 81 F, I have a floating thermometer in the fuge as well (the old fashioned glass tube type) that reads 80 F, and I have a sticky thermometer on side of the tank that reads 78-79 F.

From my past experience, the floating thermometer has been serving me well and its reading is fairly accurate. The sticky one is usually a couple degree lower than the water temperature. Though I was hoping to get something more accurate and down to decimal points too with a digital one. That brings my question, can the digital one be really off by 4.5 F? The description on the web does say the reading error is at most +/- 1.5 F.

Thank you for your attention. And if there is a way to adjust the reading of the digital thermometer to match my other thermometer, I would be more than glad to learn how.


03/03/2009, 02:51 PM

Thank you for your post. We apologize for the trouble that you are having with the Coralife Digital Thermometer. We have pm’d you in regards to this problem.

Sandy C.
LiveAquaria (liveaquaria.com)
Drs. Foster and Smith (drsfostersmith.com)