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03/03/2009, 09:06 PM
I have a question about the use of epoxy. I just got some but I was wondering how do you use it? Is it safe before it hardens to use underwater or should it be applied out of water and put back in when it dries. I just don't want my corals to die off and i could see them suffering in both if its toxic. Thanks for the help. I bought aquamend btw.

03/03/2009, 10:10 PM
Just mix it up good and its ok to use in the tank. It may make your skimmer go nuts though.

It takes some practice to use epoxy. It's not the best for every application. It won't hold much weight and it needs to be stuck into cracks n crevices otherwise it'll just pop off any relatively smooth surface. If you're trying to secure your live rock you might want to consider drilling and using acrylic rods.

It's also not great for SPS. It has been know to kill the base as it apparently heats up a bit. If that's your application a combo of epoxy, LR rubble and super glue gel is best.