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03/06/2009, 01:06 PM
Hello everyone,

my tank is in a really bad case of ICH so I decided last night to start removing my fish and put them in a 90 gal. quarantine tank. I have lost many fish and corals in the past days because of KICK ICH
I lost 3 Anthia ventrilis they were gorgeous, a copperband a leopard wrasse, 3 cleaner wrasses and 3 cleaner shrimps... I still have and want to save no mater what: a pair of ocellaris a red sea purple tang a flame angel 4 cromises a powder blue and my favorite a red sea REGAL ANGEL.

Anyway I started to put them in the QT and I just wanted to know how fast I can drop the salinity to 1.009 like recommended?

03/07/2009, 07:20 AM

It depends on the starting specific gravity of your QT. You can halve the S.G. of most marine fish over 24 hours. If your QT is at 1.020 you can go to 1.010 in 24 hours if it is done in steps. Take 36 hours if you are starting off at 1.023 or so. Actually, there is a large margin of safety there, I've dropped the S.G. of fish in just a few hours.
Like I said in a similar post yesterday, raising the S.G. must be done very slowly, and be careful if you decide to go as low as 1.009, (I never go that low) because if your hydrometer is not very accurate, you could easily undershoot the mark and the fish may die.

Just an observation - I've never used Kick Ich, but I've also not heard of it killing off inverts like that. You want to be very certain that there are not some other issues going on here, and you need to be certain the the environment of the QT is suitable for all the fish you are placing in it.


03/07/2009, 04:36 PM
+1 on the above i would not waste preciouse time on trying to do hypo i would transfer all fish to 90 gallon with water from you main system and dose copper safe hypo is a very tricky remedy and if its not done on time and in the proper manner you will inturn strees out and kill remaining live stock imo hypo rarely ever works unless the disease is caught extremely early if the fish that are left are severely infested by ick or any parasites i would not advise to do hypo JMO