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03/18/2009, 06:57 AM
I just noticed my royal gramma has ick - its been in quarantine since I bought it. It was fine, no ick for about 4 weeks and then just yesterday after putting a better light on my QT tank, I noticed the ick, so I am not sure if it had ick all along or just recently got it.

At any rate - I would rather treat without meds first. I dropped the temp in the QT tank from 79 to 78, should I go lower? I dropped the SG in the QT tank from 1.024 to 1.023 should I go lower?

If meds become necessary what is best, copper? Will copper kill the bio-filter? If so, how often will I need to change the water in my 10g QT tank to keep ammonia and nitrite at 0ppm.

Sorry for all the questions but I really need help here - I would hate to see this guy suffer.



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