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03/21/2009, 10:48 PM
I was wondering if the VHO bulbs you carry are the super actinic bulbs. If you do have these bulbs could you please include a link to them. Was looking for 60" bulbs.


03/22/2009, 07:51 AM

Thank you for your inquiry. We currently do not offer a 60” VHO Super Actinic Bulb. However, we are constantly expanding our inventory and may have it available in the future. We apologize, as we are unable to give a specific date that this item might be added to our inventory.

If we can be of further assistance please contact us. You are a valued customer and we look forward to hearing from you.

Joyce F.
LiveAquaria (http://www.liveaquaria.com/default.cfm?siteid=20)
Drs. Foster & Smith (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/)

03/22/2009, 01:20 PM
Do you offer any size super actinic bulb, maybe a 72"?

03/22/2009, 02:16 PM

Thank you for your post. The only super actinic bulbs that we currently have available are the Super Actinic 420 nm T-5 HO Fluorescent Tubes. (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=16887&prodid=33206&catid=3) We hope that you will continue to keep an eye on the new items added to the website, in the event that we receive the 72” VHO Super Actinic bulbs.

Sandy C.
LiveAquaria (liveaquaria.com)
Drs. Foster and Smith (drsfostersmith.com)

03/22/2009, 04:46 PM
If you get them within the next 2 weeks then I will order from you. Cant wait any longer than that.