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03/22/2009, 08:54 PM
Ok, so I am fairly sure my tank just got attacked with Marine Velvet, I lost both of my fish and they died quick and showed signs of heavy breathing along with the velvety appearance. I want to move some of the corals into my 120 so I can tear the tank down, however, I don't want to transfer the disease. How long should I be waiting so I can make the transfer and ensure that the disease doesn't come with the coral/rock? Also, I have some organic Ich Attack that states it kills protozoans, dinoflagellates, and ich, will this help in killing the disease in the tank? Thanks for any input.

03/23/2009, 06:44 AM
Move the fish to a seperate QT, leave tank fishless for 4-6 weeks. DON'T treat the main tank and don't waste your money on anything but a copper based medication. None of those "Reef" safe or "Organic" ich cures have been proven to work. Act fast as velvet spreads quickly.

Some good reading: http://atj.net.au/marineaquaria/amyloodinium.html