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03/25/2009, 01:23 PM
OK so this will be our first meeting after our first very successful frag swap!

April 10, 2009 (Good Friday) :eek2: :lol:
Mountain Mike's Pizza of Mangrove, Chico
And for those of you old enough and willing/able there was a loose discussion of a pre-meeting at Tres Hombres from 4-6 ;) Just ensure you have a designated driver to get you to the meeting and most likely home. :rolleyes:

Club details: PAR meter, books, speakers, etc.
Sand swap (if anyone has set up a tank in the last six months or if you have a seasoned tank - bring in a cup or so of sand from your tank scooped to disturb it as little as possible with some water above the sand layer.) This will help ensure the biodiversity of healthy tanks are shared with the newer ones helping to ensure long-lived tank success. - note I said *helping* - Post Here if you are willint to bring a cup or two of sand from your tank to swap.
MARS meeting events - Steve Tyree (April) & Melev (May)
Discuss future frag swap ideas, dates, etc
Discussion: Algae issues - ways to reduce and eliminate. (depending on above length)
Next meeting May 8, 2009
Tank Viewing host for May?
Tank Viewing - I'll be willing to open my house and tanks up for viewing in April unless someone is just dying to show theirs off next time. Post here if so.

And finally a FYI (mostly for the other officers) I will not be attending the June meeting as I will either be in Florida (vacation) or Palm Desert (ASME-work).

03/30/2009, 09:42 PM
Chris, you have the 9th in the subject but the 10th in the body. I believe the 10th is the correct date.

03/31/2009, 01:35 AM
well generally when someone writes APRIL 09 it usually representes the month year annotation. But I will clarify it by stating APRIL 2009. When I first created this post, I started to type in the subject and it pulled up the same APRIL meeting subject previously so I figured I would make it distinctly different. ha ha....

EDIT: Oh yeah I cannot edit RC posts after an hour unlike our's on CRC.... ;)