View Full Version : RO Filter Necessary?

03/26/2009, 11:17 PM
Of course this depends on your tap water. I had decided that I needed one as my tap water is not the greatest. Went in to buy one at the LFS (perhaps my first mistake) and was told that it would be waste of money for a tank my size. (75 gallon).

I know that the nitrates in my tap water are pretty high. What are the key parameters in the tap water that I should be concerned about?

As you can tell I am new to this and made the mistake of switching to salt water on the fly using the canister method and no sump. It hasn't taken me long to realize that this just won't work.

Some have told me that tap water can't be used for a reef tank and that RO is a must. I know the tap water quality is everything but would an RO be a waste for me?


03/27/2009, 01:28 AM
i used tap water for a while, i would say to everyone, dont. i would save up for any filter you can afford, it will be better than tap. obviously water conditions vary but for the little while i used tap due to my dog tearing my filter off the wall and breaking it, i had so many things die and had the worst algae EVER, literally the whole tank. i had to take my rock out and scrub it before i set up my new tank hoping the algae wouldnt grow further and it didnt with the new filter