View Full Version : Deltec HOB MCE600 on a 24g nano?

03/29/2009, 09:04 AM
Think it'll fit???

I have a JBJ 24g nano on an S stand, with an open top Sunpod 150 hqi, and a AquaC nano skimmer...

I want to upgrade my skimmer to a Deltec HOB MCE 600...

http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~category~Deltec_External_Protein_Skimmer_MCE600_Saltwater_Aquarium_Supplies_Protein_Skim mers_Hang_On_Skimmers_Venturi_Needle_Wheel~vendor~D_D~SearchStr~~action~view~idProduct~DD1515~idCate gory~FIPSHONW.html

Has anyone tried this, or know that it will fit for sure? After reading the specks, it would appear to fit, but I'm looking for advice here...

Yeah, I know it's a big skimmer, but I want really clean water, I may add a Angler or other heavy feeder, and I'm sick of the AquaC nano not producing enough gunk.

I want plug-and-play without any problems!

And thanks for looking.