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03/30/2009, 01:42 PM
Hey Russ,

I'm having an issue recently. My PSI has dropped from a good 60psi to around 30-40psi over the past year or two. Not sure why. I'd like to improve my water ratio and I'm looking at either a booster pump or a permeate pump. I had never heard of the permeate pump until I checked out your site last night. What's your recommendation to get me as close as 1:1 as possible?

Buckeye Hydro
03/30/2009, 04:03 PM
Well, let me first say that you don't want a 1:1. You need a 4:1 (or so) to properly keep the membrane flushed. With your low pressure of 30 psi my guess is that you are at a 6+ to 1 now.

To get the pressure up (which will improved your waste to permeate ratio), first check to see if your prefilters need to be changed. If not, then you are looking at a booster pump. Permeate pumps are intended for systems with a pressurized water storage tank.