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04/01/2009, 09:57 AM
My AC3 currently is showing "U" for my MH pendant (MH1) and my Solenoid (CO2). My program is posted below... can anyone offer advice?




If Time > 00:00 Then ALM OFF
If Time > 00:00 Then RTN ON

If Time > 14:00 Then MH1 ON
If Time > 20:00 Then MH1 OFF
Max Change 015 M Then MH1 OFF

If Time > 22:00 Then FUG ON
If Time > 10:00 Then FUG OFF

If Temp < 79.3 Then HT1 ON
If Temp > 79.8 Then HT1 OFF
If Temp < 79.0 Then HT2 ON
If Temp > 79.5 Then HT2 OFF
If Temp > 83.0 Then MH1 OFF
If Temp < 50.0 Then HT1 OFF
If Temp < 50.0 Then HT2 OFF
If Temp > 83.0 Then ALM ON
If Temp < 76.0 Then ALM ON

OSC 005/240 ON/OFF Then KLK ON

If pH2 > 06.80 Then CO2 ON
If pH2 < 06.50 Then CO2 OFF
If pH2 > 07.00 Then ALM ON

If Switch1 CLOSED Then FS1 OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then ATO OFF
If Switch1 OPEN Then FS1 ON
If Switch1 OPEN Then ATO ON
If Switch2 CLOSED Then FS2 OFF
If Switch2 OPEN Then FS2 ON
If Switch2 OPEN Then ATO OFF

If Power 000 Then ALM ON

04/01/2009, 10:06 AM
Now the controller is showing a "U" for my heater (HT1).

What is going on???

04/01/2009, 11:47 AM
Try resetting the controller, U for the lights seems strange since you have dedicated times for them.

U for the heater and CO2 isn't a concern. That is a standard thing that will happen if the controller is reset while the temp is between the on and off temps (it'll go back to the last state it was in before loss of power to the controller) and will stay in U until it hits a temp that tells it to turn on or off. After that it will behave normally again. Same thing but with pH for the CO2.

04/01/2009, 02:17 PM
Yeah the status is back to normal on them all, but the MH light was frustrating since I had turned it on manually (via the net page) between the normally scheduled photo period. I was unable to turn it back off after I was done working in the tank, so I had to turn it off at the ballast and wait until I got home to turn it back on when the timer was functioning properly.

04/01/2009, 03:33 PM
Change the order of the program statements for MH1 to:

If Time > 14:00 Then MH1 ON
If Time > 20:00 Then MH1 OFF
Max Change 015 M Then MH1 OFF
If Temp > 83.0 Then MH1 OFF

In general the 'U' state simply means that no timer statement has ever been true since the last reboot, power cycle, or program modification. As soon as the temperature/pH/ORP exceeds one of the set points it will go from the 'U' state to the correct on or off state.


04/01/2009, 03:56 PM

For my own better understanding, in his program the statements are in that order, just not bunched together. Is it better to keep code for a given timer together in packs?