View Full Version : Water level in DI

04/01/2009, 10:24 PM
I added a 10" DI about 6 months ago. So now I have the horizontal and the 10". The 10" is a couple of feet away from the main filters and is about a foot lower on the wall. The canister never fills with water the water flows down the side of the canister and I guess just goes up the middle. I might get 1/2" in there. If I unscrew the housing a little the air will leave and the canister will fill. After a few days it is back to empty. Do I need to worry about this? If so any thoughts on how to fix it?

04/03/2009, 12:06 AM
It's not a problem just doesn't look right. The DI is on the low pressure side of the RO membrane and has no back pressure. They can run anywhere from full to empty or anywhere in between but the cartridge inside is running full and zero tds is your goal.