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04/07/2009, 11:29 PM
For the past month my hippo has been looking terrible but acting fine. I'm not sure if this is HLLE as the white spots are practically everywhere and I'm doubtful that its ich. There were only a few white spots and now there are too many to count. Its eating fine and seems happy otherwise. I'm feeing twice daily, mixture of: Spectrum Thera A pellets, Prime Reef, Formula One, Nori sheets, Red Algae. I'm not sure these are self inflicting wounds, he likes to get into crevices between the rocks. He is not getting bullied.

All your input would be very much appreciated. I have garlic extreme but have not tried it yet.

http://reefcentral.com/gallery/data/523/153599right.JPG http://reefcentral.com/gallery/data/523/153599IMG_4611b.JPG

04/08/2009, 03:10 PM
That fish needs to be IMMEDIATELY moved to a hospital tank. It looks like ich and looks like HLLE, too. Poor water quality is usually one factor in HLLE and ragged fins. Check your params. Do your other fish display symptoms? I don't want to suggest a certain treatment because their seems to be a lot going on with this fish. Maybe someone else can chime in about antibiotics and what route to go with the ich.

04/08/2009, 03:11 PM
I forgot, Garlic Extreme is not going to fix any of that. It is basically a supplement that helps boost the immune system. The damage is already done.

04/08/2009, 05:56 PM
All other fish are fine.

04/09/2009, 05:58 PM
I don't see ich but it definately looks like HLLE and possibly a bacterial infection. You need to improve your water quality asap with water changes using RO/DI water. I would also treat the fish in QT with an antiboitic like maracyn/maracyn 2 or furan. Keep a careful eye for aggression, the fish looks like it has been picked on and is stressed. Sometimes aggression is intermittent so you may need to watch the tank a while before you'll see anything. Garlic is basically wishful thinking IME, you're better off adding some high quality foods heavy on greens like spirulina or Rod's Food doe herbivores.

04/16/2009, 03:19 AM
yeah, def dont see any ich. the fins look partially healed too so recent aggression could be out as well. HLLE is usually localized around the face (between the eyes and mouth) and along the lateral line (hence Head and Lateral Line Erosion). i do see a line of discoloration along the LL but that all over blotchy look is strange. seems to random to be self inflicted. diet seems good (maybe add some live algae) but what are your water params? I have seen some pretty far-gone tangs make quick recoveries when moved from bad water conditions to ideal.


04/22/2009, 11:53 AM
Things I would check for:
- Watch tank from a distance preferably with your room light off so fish can't see you (yes I''m serious) as sometimes aggression only occurs when you're not there as when fish see you their moreinterested in a poossible coming meal than with aggression
-check your tank for stray voltage as it's known to affect some fish more than others and cause HLLE
-If no aggression is noticed maybe its better to keep the fish in the tank to avoid a reintroduction with new aggression till the agressor accepts or kills the fish.
-check your water parameters and run a couple of water changes carbon...
- Soak fish food in fish vitamins before feedin for some time
watch the fish at feeding time to make sure it's eating.
Can you post a list of fish in your tank?
good luck

04/22/2009, 02:37 PM
I purchased some selcon and another multi vitamin/amino acid supplement by seachem. I soak some food with it but not everyday. I have the following:
1 arc eyed hawk
1 yellow angel
1 yellow tail damsel
2 clownfish
1 midas blenny
1 six line wrasse

I've recently started watching the fish in secret but did not notice any aggression towards the hippo. The angel sometimes picks on the damsel.

I ordered a grounding probe, should be here soon.

I run carbon and phosban. I was thinking about catching the fish when I have all my rocks out to re-aquascape. My quarantine tank is only 10 gallons, I am worried that it will be too small for a hippo and size alone can stress the fish. I will test my water params again and let you know.