View Full Version : Should I Split my Overflows? Two Filter Socks??

04/13/2009, 01:25 PM
Not sure how to word the question..I have a 220g tank with two overflows. I bought this tank used and had him just cut the plumbing so that I could put it back together how he had it. It was a FOWLR tank. I have a mixed reef. He didn't use filter socks, and he has both overflows coming together, side by side, into the sump. I am using my own sump, which has 4 separate filter sock holders. The way he has it, I can only use one filter sock.

Should I re-route one of them so that I'm using two filter socks? I am really trying to minimize excess nutrients, and I'm wondering if all that waste going into just one single sock isn't part of my problem.

When I leave town for a few days, I take the sock off, and when I return, my glass is cleaner than it would be if I were using my one sock and changing daily. So it makes me wonder.

I am considering doing away with the filter socks completely, but I need more live rock to add to my sump to eliminate microbubbles, or add baffles. Rock would be simpler.