View Full Version : breakout box low-limit switch question

04/14/2009, 02:46 PM
I just hooked up my I/O breakout box and programmed in the following to have my normally open float switch tell me if I lose water in the sump (yes, I've checked that the float is closed when in the up position):

Float switch wired to gnd and I1
New Timer LOW$ added in timer section

Program statements concering switch:
If Time > 00:00 Then LOW OFF
If SwitchA1 OPEN Then LOW ON
If Timer LOW = ON Then ALM ON

I've forced the switch into both positions, and it doesn't turn off. Am I missing something? First time I've programmed in a switch, so not sure if I did this right or if I overlooked something. Also, I DO have the breakout box plugged into the I/O port, not the Serial port.

Any help appreciated!

04/14/2009, 04:23 PM
Don't know if it matters or not, but this is plugged in directly to the AC3, don't have a PX1000.

04/14/2009, 04:28 PM
You referencing inputs on the probe expansion box, but apparently you don't have one. Use this instead:

If Time > 00:00 Then LOW OFF
If Switch1 OPEN Then LOW ON
If Switch1 CLOSED Then LOW OFF
If Timer LOW = ON Then ALM ON


04/14/2009, 04:46 PM
Switched it, still not responding. I checked the connectivity of the wires plugging into the I/O box, they show connectivity. However, the pins on the connector plugging into the ACIII (pins 1 and 8 according to the diagram on pg. 40 of the manual) do not. Any ideas what's going on?

04/14/2009, 04:50 PM
Just tried swapping to switch 2 with input I2 instead, still no response. I also just noticed that when I plug in the I/O connector, my temp and pH change by several points.

04/14/2009, 05:40 PM

Just bypassed the breakout and the switch works fine. Apparently the breakout box is bad. Do I go through Marine Depot where I bought it or you to get it replaced? I just pulled it out of the bag and added it to my system today.