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04/14/2009, 05:28 PM
I just received my unit a few weeks ago and got it all set up and running. I got the Ocean Reef +1 and everything set up perfectly. I made abotu 40 gal and my TDS in (after the RO) was about 21 and 0 TDS after the DI. I have now gone to make another batch of water about 3 weeks later and now my TDS in is around 140 :eek1: My TDS out is still 0, but I don't want to destroy my DI resign. What could be causing this, my pressure is about 75 PSI the temp is low 70s what would cause this change?

Any info would be helpful, I turned it off until I figure out what happened. Thanks,


04/14/2009, 11:26 PM
My guess is the 140 you saw is tds creep which happens in the first minute of operation of all membranes and can be as high as 2/3 your tap water tds. That tds should drop down to the 21 range after a minute or so if that is your operating RO tds. With a tds of 21 you can expect only about 200 gallons of water before DI exhaustion.