View Full Version : Anybody had success treating Lateral Line Disease?

04/25/2009, 11:01 PM
Anybody have success treating a Tang for Lateral Line Disease? If so, did the pitting ever heal?

I have a Purple Tang that was "mis-treated" by his tank mates in my larger setup. As such, he was not able to get sufficient nutrients. I have since moved him to a smaller tank where he is now king. Unfortunately, his LLD is not getting any better (not getting worse either).

04/26/2009, 11:06 AM
Is he eating well? Several years back, I had some friends with a 20 gallon tank that had a 3" yellow tang and he was getting stressed out from it. They weren't giving him any of the nutrition he needed(dried seaweed or other algae based foods). He had a bad bacterial infection and HLLE. I only had a 29 set up but I took him and within a few weeks of good diet and a little more room(still not enough though) he was back to normal. Also, you might want to check into a grounding probe for the tank. Stray voltage has been known to cause HLLE. For what it's worth, I feed my tangs formula 2 flakes and they are all fat and happy. It's not nearly as messy as the dried seaweed.

04/26/2009, 10:06 PM
Thanks for the recommendations. He eats very well. He gets Formula Two three times a day and Nori a couple times a week. I'll even soak the Nori in VitaChem once in a while. The LLE has stopped but the pitting just isn't healing. He is very colorful, fat, and looks great except for the pits. I just didn't know if these would ever leave or are permanent. The aquarium is grounded through a probe.