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04/27/2009, 10:11 AM
The Filter Guys are great! Not only did they save me money over the "Cadillac" cartridges I was buying, they even refunded the difference in shipping between what was posted on their website and the actual cost. They could have easily kept the additional shipping $$ and I wouldn't have thought twice about it. You certainly don't find that type of service very often.

Kudos!!! Highly recommended!!


04/27/2009, 11:18 PM
We consider KX Matrikx filters Cadillacs and in many cases are what you getting from other vendors with private labels and inflated prices.

We do our best to cover shipping and handling at cost and feel refunds are sometimes in order. We want our customers to keep coming back and top notch customer service is easy to give and hard to find. Thanks for the kind words it makes my day to know were keeping our customers happy. We go the extra mile with labeling and packaging and don't just ship a pile of filters with no clue as to where they go.