View Full Version : Something Wrong With My Clam?

YE||0W TA|\|G
05/08/2009, 04:42 PM
I currently have 2 clams in my 155 which are under 3 250watt MH, i have had the one smaller clam for about 2 months, im not sure what part of the clam this is called but its not the spout looking thing... im sure its the mouth. (the bristle side) It looks to be larger than normal. The bristles seem to be gone and I can clearly see the inside of him.. The other clam is doing fine.. anyone ever see this or no whats wrong possibly?

Current inhabitants are:
3) green chromis
3)ocellaris clowns
1)yellow tang

05/08/2009, 05:50 PM
Check the clam for these:


If the clam is not gaping then it is probably OK. My Crocea was like that, my maxima stayed much tighter.