View Full Version : Calc Reactor out of CO2??

05/08/2009, 08:00 PM
Im away from home this weekend and noticed my PH in calcium reactor keeps going up, yep it must be out of CO2. I will not be back until sunday night so the earliest I can get a CO2 refill is monday. Will my alk fall too low over the next 3 days w/o the calcium reactor. I do run my alk high, like 12-13. Thanks.


05/08/2009, 08:19 PM
It will really depend on your daily consumption. Normal consumption is around 1 to 2 dKh per day so in three days may fall 3 to 6 dKh. You may fidn it on the 6 to 8 dKh level so I assume that will not be so bad.
Good news is that as the alkalinity drops so does the consumption.