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05/09/2009, 08:49 PM
Hi Everyone. Let me give a quick run down of what I have done and what i want to do.

I have been in the hobby for 3 years and had a 36 gallon corner tank with the following:

-2 Koralia one
-1 Koralia three
-AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer
- Phosban reactor
- 150w stealth heater
- ZooMed Power Sweep 214
- 9W UV sterilizer
- 130 watt PC Bulbs (65w 10k, 65w 50/50)
- 2 LED moon lights
-60 pounds of caribsea aragonite
-43 pounds of live rock
-25 hermit crabs
-1 false clown
-1 tomato clown
-2 green chromis
-1 BTA
-10 burrowing snails
- 2 other big snails

The tank worked flawless for the three years, but I am doing a 1000 mile move and yesterday I gave my live stock to my cousin and cleaned up the tank.

I threw out all the sand and I now have the rock in a 1:1 vinegar/water bath to get rid of all living things.

Question 1) how long should I keep the rock in that bath? I do not want it to stink during the move and plan to use it in my new tank.

Now, I will use my 36 as a sump and buy a 75 gallon standard size. I will go bare bottom, but I want lots of rock to simulate one of my last dives.

I want to have the rock about 1 inch above the bottom on acrylic stands I will make. 3/4 of the bottom will have a rock cover and I want to make the entire walls of the tank with rock but no rock on the front pane for obvious reasons. So sort of hide all the walls of the tank with rock except the front.

Question 2) is it possible to have too much rock in a tank?

Now, one thing I did learn is my lighting was a little low for a BTA but it did just fine as I kept it in the upper 1/3 of the tank about 7 inches from the surface. I do want to keep another BTA and some easy corals. I really do not want to get calcium reactors and worry like crazy over things I need to add to my tank to supplement coral growth. My BTA did great with 10% water changes every 2-3 weeks and I feed him once a month. He grew from a tennis ball to about a football size. I would to take care of coral with that type of care. Ones that mostly get their energy from photosynthesis with the occasional feeding

Question 3) What type of corals meet that criteria

Question 4) since I need new lights and want to be energy efficient, will a T5 setup work for corals and BTA's

Okay, I think for a first post that is good enough

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05/09/2009, 09:20 PM

1. you can actually make a solution of bleach and water to clean your rock. You HAVE to let the rock COMPLETELY DRY before using it.

2. you only have "to much rock" if you are impeding flow and have dead zones. You can therefore just add more powerheads and/or place them in a way that will prevent this. You also want to make sure that you leave your fish enough room to swim. Just make sure you have some flow behind your "rock walls"

3. A 75gallon tank with a nice T5 fixture can house any corals you want.

4. yes, T5's will work.

05/09/2009, 09:40 PM

I guess in the morning I will pull it out of the vinegar bucket. There is so much dead stuff at the surface as we speak.

The rock will have over 1 month to dry out :-)

I like the fact T-5s will work as I hear they use less electric and produce less heat.