View Full Version : Updating firmware on AC Jr

05/14/2009, 01:57 PM
Can someone post either the steps or a link to the steps for updating the firmware for an AC Jr? I've got one that has the serial port...

Also, I saw a link to the "Manuals" section of Neptune's website, and there were two different firmware updates listed there. What is the difference?


05/14/2009, 02:01 PM
the updates are for serial port and non serial port. Download the serial port version - extract the files into c:/aquajr (I think, read the readme that comes with it). hook up the serial port and the power cable and make sure your PC can see the Jr. Unplug the power to the Jr. and hold the select down (keep holding) and plug it back in - hold it until the screen goes blank. Then hit select when the update firmware comes on and you should see "loader" on the screen. Click on the update (that you placed in the c:/aquajr folder) and let it run - it takes 15 minutes or so and will reboot itself. Do not run aquanotes or any other program that uses the ACJr., as it will give you an unavailable error.

Hope this helps!