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05/14/2009, 06:15 PM
Well, I picked up an ro/di filter from aquapure to keep my algae down, etc, and my off base water pressure is too weak to run it. The pump they advertise is another $180. I guess I could fill water at work, which is sort of a pain. I was wondering if anyone has experience w/ these systems and could offer some advice.

My tank has been maintaining a good temp after taking off the acrylic tops, but I think that has caused 3 of my new T5's to burn out. Not sure if it was the moisture or them getting too hot, but I've already wasted 3 bulbs (luckily they sent me an extra light setup free!). I put the tank lids back on leaving them only partially open and got a fan that isn't dizzyingly loud, we'll see if that keeps the temp ok. Anyone else had problems w/ T5's going out in 1-3 months due to heat or moisture?


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05/15/2009, 01:51 AM
sounds like you have no choice but to run a permeate pump. The link below is what you need.
The other thing you could do is try to run it from an exterior hose bib and see if you get the extra pressure you need. thats what i do with mine since the pressure in the house is lower than outside. Just is a pain to connect and disconnect when you need it.

As far as your bulbs burning out due to moisture or heat, I am not so sure that is the cause. Depending on the brand of bulbs you get some are better than others. I have has some that last a week and others that last years. Sometimes its hit or miss. best bet is to increase fan circulation in the hood. better to have a little noise than to have cooked coral.

05/15/2009, 05:12 AM
agree with Jeff. I run t-5's and I have noticed unless you have cool air moving across the bulbs they will go out alot faster. I run t-5s w/o a fan for now. I am in the process of finishing my new light rack. I am going to be running both metal halides with 6 54w t-5's. Get a pump, you are going to get tired of filling water at work, too much more work.