View Full Version : Lunar simulator setup

05/17/2009, 02:55 PM
I have my LS all set up, correctly I think. Power is coming from a power strip not connected to my DC8, the LS is assigned B4 so as not to use A1-4 and the cable is connected to the LS in plug and the DC8's out plug. I used the If Moon 000/000 Then Mon On program and the lights came on. Here's my question; In AquaNotes (Lite version) in the Season Table, it says Moonrise is 4:09 and Moonset is 19:12. Does this mean my moonlights will come on at 4:09am and turn off at 7:12pm? It seems like I must have something messed up because I don't see how the moonlights should go off at 7:12pm, before the sun has even set.

05/18/2009, 07:17 AM
The program will simulate when the moon rises and sets.

The reality the moon sometimes rises in the day and sets in the day, so the program will reflect that.