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05/18/2009, 05:49 AM
is it possible to combine the open and closed statements in to one line of each. in other words have wrt&sol1 in the same line.
wrt= top off pump
sol1 = solenoid for plain top of water.

if switch1 closed then wrt on
if switch1 closed then sol1 on

if switch1 open then wrt off
if switch1 open then sol1 off

max change 002m then wrt off

also for some reason when i had added a max change staetment at the end for a safety net , the ac3 would not turn on the top off pump. i also plan on run a kalk reactor soon. will be putting that another solenoid valve using the same top off pump. any help would be greatfull. thanks.

05/18/2009, 10:34 AM
NO, each statement stands alone but it shouldn't matter. The AC only sends on/off commands after all program lines have been evaluated. If you want fill safety you can use the state of WRT to control SOL (as they track one another) like this:

If Timer WRT = On Then SOL = On
If Timer WRT = Off Then SOL = Off

05/18/2009, 11:00 AM

kind of figered that, it work as is. i also have a water high float that turn everthing off in case the frist float sticks on.