View Full Version : free frags

05/18/2009, 06:04 AM
I am soooo disappointed now. I was positioning another coral and accidently hit one of the rocks only to gasp in horror to watch my pride and joy fall down and break a small 1 inch piece off. As I thought, well one inch isnt that bad, I try my hardest to get it wedged back into a stable position. well I thought i had it until it falls again breakinig another piece off. By now frustration was at a peak as I continue to try and wedge it watching another piece break and then another... Did I mention this coral is extremely fragile? Anyway, I now have a couple frags to give away if anyone wishes to have them. It sucks to break my favorite peice but thats what happens sometimes. who ever wants them only needs to call me at 090-9781-0620 and come pick them up in yomitan.

BTW, this is a blue sps.. not sure about the details of it though.