View Full Version : NEW “Reef Gently Acclimate” – Multiple Practical Uses

05/22/2009, 08:34 PM
The new “Reef Gently Acclimate” is truly a must have item. This device has many practical uses including:

- Transporting aquatic animals and plants.

- Easily and effectively acclimate aquatic animals and plants to the water parameters of a new aquarium.

- Quickly and reliably trap fish inside of the aquarium in preparation for transport.

- Other Alternate uses include using for freshwater dips, as a breeder pen, and as a medication chamber.

Check out the link below which includes a video of the Reef Gently Acclimate in use.


Thanks for checking out the link. I hope you agree that this versatile device is a must have accessory to your aquarium.

Russ D.
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