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06/07/2009, 12:55 PM
alright everyone i am looking to sell my whole entire setup. I need to get rid of it asap with everything that is going on. I run the full zeovit system on a 150 main display with a 50 gal sump. I am looking to get of it looking for $3000 if someone buys the whole thing. If that can't happen then i will part out. If I part out first things first i need to get rid of live stock.

Here is a list of all the live stock

1 scopas tang
1 black ocellaris clown
4 ocellaris clowns
3 anthias
1 6 line wrasse
1 cleaner shrimp
3 camel shrimp
2 skunk clowns
1 anemone
5 chromis
1 yellow tail damsel
1 bicolor blenny

I have an endless amount of coral mainly sps.


1 3L Reactor Zeo
1 ER 5-3 skimmer
1 Deltec MCE 600 skimmer
2 vortechs gen 1's ( new wetsides) w/ a battery backup
3 modded mj's
2 koralia 4's
1 JBJ chiller for a 400 gallon tank
3 coral life timers
1 hamilton timer
jbj wavetimer 2 outlet
misc pumps and wavemakers not worth much
multiple sick tanks
a heater
milwaukee refractometer
filter direct ro/di

I just built and hung my light unit only two weeks ago. all bulbs brand new and haven't even burnt in yet. I have some extra t-5's that aren't in the unit itself. all equipment for lights:
2 660 ballast
2 250 ice cap mh ballast
2 lumenarc mini's
2 20k radiums ( haven't even burned in yet)
a bunch of different t-5's
also has 2 puter fans attached.

Like I said I have a butt load of zeo additives that can last over a year.

zeo back
zeo food
zeo start
sponge power
amino high concentrate
b balance

I think that is it. I have been dosing brightwell reef code for cal/alk. I don't have much cal, but I have a bit of alk left. I also have 3 more 2L or each coming along with a box of Reefers best salt which makes 150 gal. Also I have Kents Tech M on the way a gallons worth. As you can see i have a ton of money invested in this tank just want to get some alittle back. I am not trying to make even a fraction of what i put into it, just some back. if you are interested in seeing the tank call me 08037186137. Again if you are going to ask me to part out, which i don't want to but if i must, help me get rid of my live stock!!!

06/07/2009, 02:16 PM
sorry to hear you have to get rid of your beautiful tank Jeremy.