View Full Version : problem with pump

06/11/2009, 11:30 AM
Hey everyone, I am currently setting up a new aquarium and was planning on using my mag drive 1800 (which has been sitting around for a while) as a return. I plugged it in yesterday and all was well, it was working just fine. I unplugged it twice and plugged it back in yesterday and it still worked. Last night I unplugged the pump for the night just to make sure their wouldn't be any overflowing because I haven't figured out all of the kinks with the drain.
But anyways, getting to the point, I went to plug in the pump today and much to my pleasant surprise it decided not to work at all. It wasn't making any sounds or nothing. I don't get it, it was working fine yesterday, and now it doesn't work.
What do you think is wrong with my pump? Should I take it apart and see whats wrong with it? Or am I best getting a new one? Thanks!