View Full Version : Hermit crabs from the beach?

06/15/2009, 01:23 PM
We were down at the beach in Edmonds, WA the other day at low tide and found TONS of little hermit crabs(along with many other things of course) but I was wondering about taking some and putting them in my tank.

Was watching "Dog The Bounty Hunter" last night and his son stocks his SW tank with fish he catches at night himself. He grabbed a nice butterfly fish for the camera and brought it home and put it in his tank. JEALOUS! Of course he's in Hawaii so the water temp is the same. I am in Puget sound where the temp is more like 50 degrees.

The crabs were in tidal pools which were very warm because of the sun and the low water volume.

My question is: Can hermit crabs from a Puget Sound be acclimated into a tropical 80 degree tank ok? It would be great if I could just populate my tank with crabs that we get from low-tide walks on the beach for free instead of paying top dollar for them retail. Especially with my trigger, HT and puffer taking them out regularly.

06/15/2009, 01:27 PM
well they wouldn't last very long anyways... and hopefully any parasites on the crabs couldn't survive the the higher tropical temps..

06/15/2009, 01:29 PM
actually some crabs seem pretty good at staying out of harms way. I have one crab in there that is about six months and counting(knock on wood). The parasites may die because of the water temp difference but would the crabs have a problem with it?

06/15/2009, 01:39 PM
I think it would be ok, but you would definitely need to acclimate them to your tank temp. I would just make sure you aren't violating any collection laws before you start doing it.

06/15/2009, 01:48 PM
Tidal pool organisms are often very hardy and adapted to a wide range of temperatures. They should be fine for your tank, just acclimate slowly for temperature.

Many hermit crabs, even little ones, can be predatory and destructive. Since your fish are not on the delicate side, any of these tidal pool hermits should be okay. I would not worry too much about disease from inverts - after your acclimation process, just rinse them really well with some water from your tank before adding them to the DT.

06/15/2009, 01:55 PM
that's great news. Yeah some of the tidal pools were so warm that they had to be almost 80 degrees so I figured it might be ok.

Also when I moved I put all the LR in a bucket(with crabs all over them) and by the time I got there the temp was down to 55 degrees and the "tropical" crabs didn't seem to mind one bit. They don't seem to mind different temps like fish do.