View Full Version : 3rd live fish order, 2 boxes, 1 dropped and cracked again!!

06/23/2009, 12:05 PM
This is my third time ordering fish from L.A. and the first time it was OK experiences (DOAs) . The second time (last week), I had 1 DOA and 1 dead on the second day due to sickness or stress from the dropped box..... :(

Today, I got my third order. It was 4 fishes, but in 2 boxes. WOW big box for small fish. But they (don't know who) dropped 1 of the box and cracked one of the corner just like my last weeks order.... I can see L.A. is really trying to do their best to get the order to me alive.

Fortunately, all the fish is alive and is being acclimated. And hope they will stay alive.

I think Drs. F&S and L.A. should really talk to the persons/companies involved.

Pictures are below.

And here is the box from last week.

06/23/2009, 12:42 PM

Thank you for your post and sending pictures of your shipment. We sincerely apologize for the damaged packages. We have forwarded your concerns for review. We have noted your customer file about the condition of your order and we ask you to keep us updated with the progress of your live specimens.

Again, we are most apologetic for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied and share your concerns.

Pat S.
LiveAquaria (www.liveaquaria.com)
Drs. Foster and Smith (http://www.drsfostersmith.com)

06/23/2009, 12:44 PM
Thanks Pat, I will keep you all posted on the progress of the fishes.